Wheels Up

I’ve always wanted a website that says a lot, without saying too much. I mean, I love that clean look that so many cool sites have. Big white space. A little bit of copy in the corner. So cool. I totally want to eat at that restaurant or buy that car. Does it matter that I can’t tell if it’s a restaurant or a car? How many times do we leave those sites still wondering what they actually do? I hope we’ve achieved a balance with this new site. I hope the site is more manageable and informative than our old site, but still shows a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and the joie de vivre that Secret Headquarters embodies.

It was also our goal to open the lines of communication with our audience. Like something? Don’t like something? Missing something? Tell me. Friend me. Tweet me. My skin is thick and luckily, the tone hides bruises well.