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What We Do

We are your one stop production shop. We will be your technical and creative partners from conception to distribution.


Original Programing

    • Secret Headquarters, Inc. creates original programing for domestic and international broadcast and OTT distribution.


    • Commercial, Documentary, Interview, Reality, Behind-The Scenes:
      pre-production, camera, lighting, sound.

Creative Editorial

    • Editing is at the heart of visual story telling – Whether that story
      is a noir thriller or how to roast a chicken.

Technical & Creative Finishing

    • Broadcast Quality HD Uprez/Online, Color Grading and Surround-Sound Mixing.
      Delivery by tape or file, including theatrical DCP.

Physical & Digital Distribution

    • Encoding and delivery for broadcast, theaters, online, and social media. Online distribution for EPKs and publicity releases. Physical delivery by DCP, Blu-ray & DVD, HDCam.

Since 2000, we’ve created original programing and promotional campaigns for our Studio, Network, Agency and Independent Producer clients. If you can click it, pick it, stream it, or just watch it, we can do it. Our production and post-production services are specifically designed to increase your efficiency and profitability – all by allowing you to take on more than you would be able to handle alone. (And as far as we’re concerned, it can be our little secret.)

From pre-production to final delivery, we can write, shoot, record, edit, mix and color your vision. We are your camera and lighting crew, your field producer, editorial department and delivery experts. In short, we’re professional problem solvers and we will complete your mission.

We are scalable in size and scope, so you don’t have to be. Call it a bespoke workflow that fits your needs on a project-by-project basis. Need a camera and an editor? Sure thing. Need color and mixing? Sounds good. Need an on-set production team, editors, a sound mixer – the kitchen sink, and a stiff drink? We’ll drink to that.*

(*after work)


Corraborating Evidence


“What exactly do you do?”
“Oh, I travel… a sort of licensed troubleshooter.”

Completed Missions

Possible collaborators and

Chamber of Coerced Confessions

Jon Cassar, Director/Executive Producer, 24: Live Another Day

“Once again congrats on putting together a great behind the scenes special. There’s no way the audience is not going to watch the first episode after seeing that.
Well done.”

Howard Gordon, Executive Producer, 24: Live Another Day

“Great work…Makes you want to watch the show!!”

Kevin Williamson, Executive Producer – The Following (FOX)

“Love the way you almost give something away but are so very careful not to spoil anything.
Thank you so much!”

Alan Rast, VP – FOX Creative Services

“Yes, it is true that Secret Headquarters is the best. I literally could not do my job without them. They downconvert my shoot tapes, and then they cut great pieces from my footage that make me look good. What more can I say? This. They have all the answers to the techie-stuff that can trip up your project when you get stuck in digital encoding / audio-sync / format hell. And the people are actually nice.
Take them for a spin – you won’t be disappointed.”

Andrew Boyd, VP, Marketing & Publicity – OddLot Entertainment

“I lean on SHQ primarily for creative work, and Dave and Greg have delivered for me time and time again. The passion they have for their work shines through in the material.  I am constantly asked for recommendations, and happily refer people to SHQ. These guys get it, and do it right.”

Julie Meisner-Eagle, Producer – Playhouse Disney

I’d definitely do a shout-out for the incessant barking and the impressive assortment of foul language that continuously gleams the halls..absolutely free! (Who else could offer such services? Seriously!)
Ok, here’s my “really for reals” quote:
“Secret HQ is a one-stop shop for editorial. All my offline, online, and graphics needs are managed by an amazing staff of assistant editors and editors who go above and beyond to ensure my projects are technically perfect and delivered on time.”

Allen Cognata, Writer/Director/Producer, The Putt Putt Syndrome

“SHQ was the answer to all of our post-production needs. Dave understood the financial challenges an independent filmmaker is faced with after wrapping on a production. He found a way to get us to the finish line without compromising on quality [meeting every] deadline he was faced with. Greg added a touch that only a seasoned pro could, taking our film to another level [and] showed that not only is he a master editor but also [is] capable of explaining complex technical techniques to a person with little technical background.
I have grown as a filmmaker through my experience with SHQ and would recommend their services to any independent filmmaker.”

Dawn Ford, Producer – Hot Sprocket Films

“I’d rather take a project to Secret HQ than anywhere else. The atmosphere, creative team, and attention to technical detail makes it the perfect place to work.”

Greg McIver, Owner/Creative Director – McIver Entertainment and Producer – Disney

“Secret HQ is like working at home if my home was filled with video editing equipment, edit bays, and a highly experienced and courteous group of creative professionals. There’s nothing Greg and his staff can’t or won’t do, within the constraints of polite society of course, to help make a project better. Since many projects that I have worked on at Secret HQ have also required a high level of confidentiality, the security of a professionally-trained guard dog on the premises during the working hours has also proven to be an added benefit.
Oh yeah, the cookies are good too.”

Allan R. Smith, Producer – DreamQuest Productions

“Our documentary film, Rescue Men – The Story of the Pea Island Life-Savers, has gone on to win 11 industry awards and I know that this would not have happened, except for the excellence we received at Secret Headquarters.”

Jennifer Uteda, Owner/Creative Director – Reel Pictures

“Love working with everyone at Secret Headquarters! Offline editing is awesome. They always add creative spark to projects. Their editors go the extra mile to make the project better than imagined. Online is top notch and they respond quickly to those emergencies that always seem to pop up. I recall once we had a spot that had to be in NY to air that night. We HAD to make a fiber feed (in Hollywood) within a few hours. We made it with time to spare! Clients loved me for getting it done. Ya, Secret HQ made me look good. You guys ROCK!”

Linda Garcia, Pantelion Films

“Secret Headquarters is my secret weapon!”

Kenny Rhodes, Propagandist – Polaris Productions

Here’ a little something for you to put on your website and smoke it:
“After years of working with Secret Headquarters, I’ve come to rely on them as creative partners. They’re quick to get the tone of each project we work on, and they love the challenge. Each member of their team has a technical expertise that I lack and an artistic attitude (God help me) that constantly results in a finished product greater than what I could have achieved on my own. Their range of clients gives them a perspective and knowledge base that I’ve drawn on many times when I’ve come to them with a new client of mine (usually they’ve worked with them before). And they’re always ready to help me out with my stupid questions or when I need a sounding board for creative or strategic thinking. They’re my favorite team in Hollywood.”
That’ll be $15.

Rob Kositchek, Director of Photography

“My professional experience with Secret Headquarters is always first class. They demonstrate a great service attitude and technical know-how. I can always come to them with opportunities large or small and be met with outstanding work.”

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