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The Producer’s Secret Weapon

SHQi provides post-production services for Studios, Networks, and Independent Producers.
From creative editorial to finishing: color correction, surround mixing, and final delivery.

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What We Do

Corraborating Evidence


Completed Missions

Chamber of Coerced Confessions

Jon Cassar, Director/Executive Producer, 24: Live Another Day

“Once again congrats on putting together a great behind the scenes special. There’s no way the audience is not going to watch the first episode after seeing that.
Well done.”

Howard Gordon, Executive Producer, 24: Live Another Day

“Great work…Makes you want to watch the show!!”

Kevin Williamson, Executive Producer – The Following (FOX)

“Love the way you almost give something away but are so very careful not to spoil anything.
Thank you so much!”

Alan Rast, VP – FOX Creative Services

“Yes it is true that Secret Headquarters is the best. I literally could not do my job without them.They downconvert my shoot tapes, and then they cut great pieces from my footage that make me look good. What more can I say? This. They have all the answers to the techie-stuff that can trip up your project when you get stuck in digital encoding / audio-sync / format hell. And the people are actually nice.
Take them for a spin – you won’t be disappointed.”

Andrew Boyd, VP, Marketing & Publicity – OddLot Entertainment

“I lean on SHQ primarily for creative work, and Dave and Greg have delivered for me time and time again. The passion they have for their work shines through in the material.  I am constantly asked for recommendations, and happily refer people to SHQ. These guys get it, and do it right.”

Julie Meisner-Eagle, Producer – Playhouse Disney

I’d definitely do a shout-out for the incessant barking and the impressive assortment of foul language that continuously gleams the halls..absolutely free! (Who else could offer such services? Seriously!)
Ok, here’s my “really for reals” quote:
“Secret HQ is a one-stop shop for editorial. All my offline, online, and graphics needs are managed by an amazing staff of assistant editors and editors who go above and beyond to ensure my projects are technically perfect and delivered on time.”

Allen Cognata, Writer/Director/Producer, The Putt Putt Syndrome

“SHQ was the answer to all of our post-production needs. Dave understood the financial challenges an independent filmmaker is faced with after wrapping on a production. He found a way to get us to the finish line without compromising on quality [meeting every] deadline he was faced with. Greg added a touch that only a seasoned pro could, taking our film to another level [and] showed that not only is he a master editor but also [is] capable of explaining complex technical techniques to a person with little technical background.
I have grown as a filmmaker through my experience with SHQ and would recommend their services to any independent filmmaker.”

Dawn Ford, Producer – Hot Sprocket Films

“I’d rather take a project to Secret HQ than anywhere else. The atmosphere, creative team, and attention to technical detail makes it the perfect place to work.”

Greg McIver, Owner/Creative Director – McIver Entertainment and Producer – Disney

“Secret HQ is like working at home if my home was filled with video editing equipment, edit bays, and a highly experienced and courteous group of creative professionals. There’s nothing Greg and his staff can’t or won’t do, within the constraints of polite society of course, to help make a project better. Since many projects that I have worked on at Secret HQ have also required a high level of confidentiality, the security of a professionally-trained guard dog on the premises during the working hours has also proven to be an added benefit.
Oh yeah, the cookies are good too.”

Allan R. Smith, Producer – DreamQuest Productions

“Our documentary film, Rescue Men – The Story of the Pea Island Life-Savers, has gone on to win 11 industry awards and I know that this would not have happened, except for the excellence we received at Secret Headquarters.”

Jennifer Uteda, Owner/Creative Director – Reel Pictures

“Love working with everyone at Secret Headquarters! Offline editing is awesome. They always add creative spark to projects. Their editors go the extra mile to make the project better than imagined. Online is top notch and they respond quickly to those emergencies that always seem to pop up. I recall once we had a spot that had to be in NY to air that night. We HAD to make a fiber feed (in Hollywood) withing a few hours. We made it with time to spare! Clients loved me for getting it done. Ya, Secret HQ made me look good. You guys ROCK!”

Linda Garcia, Pantelion Films

“Secret Headquarters is my secret weapon!”

Kenny Rhodes, Propagandist – Polaris Productions

Here’ a little something for you to put on your website and smoke it:
“After years of working with Secret Headquarters, I’ve come to rely on them as creative partners. They’re quick to get the tone of each project we work on, and they love the challenge. Each member of their team has a technical expertise that I lack and an artistic attitude (God help me) that constantly results in a finished product greater than what I could have achieved on my own. Their range of clients gives them a perspective and knowledge base that I’ve drawn on many times when I’ve come to them with a new client of mine (usually they’ve worked with them before). And they’re always ready to help me out with my stupid questions or when I need a sounding board for creative or strategic thinking. They’re my favorite team in Hollywood.”
That’ll be $15.

Rob Kositchek, Director of Photography

“My professional experience with Secret Headquarters is always first class. They demonstrate a great service attitude and technical know-how. I can always come to them with opportunities large or small and be met with outstanding work.”

The Spies


Our Mission

should we choose to accept it, is to make editing fun and painless,
to provide a ‘safe house’ escape in a decidedly uncorporate setting,
fostering a supportive and creative environment for our clients and employees.
Exploiting new technologies to maintain low overhead, we will provide professional,
unique, boutique-quality product competitively.

Greg Huson

Editor / Colorist / Chief

Greg is a writer/director and sought-after film and television editor. His diverse experience includes a deep-cover assignment with FOX Broadcasting, as well as Paramount Domestic Television, Warner Brothers International Television, and hundreds of other “freelance assignments”.

Lance Mueller

Senior Editor

The nuclear option in Secret Headquarters’ editorial arsenal, Lance Mueller is a long time writer/producer turned editor of teasers, promos, sizzle reels, and the like. After spending several years as a Rocket Scientist on FOX’s hit reality show Trading Spouses, Lance was recruited by a secret agent at large to join the HQ team.
Since then, he has become the Q’s offline jack-of-all trades and master of the L-cut. Know for his stealth, tenacity, and sharpshooter eye, he will consider wearing funny hats while editing, but only on special request.

Dave Bogosian

General Manager / New Business Development

Consistently working in an inconsistent world is Dave’s trademark. Well, that and his uncanny resemblance to Liev Schreiber. As a double agent for change, Dave is running a counter-secrecy-insurgency to make Secret HQ a little less…well, secret… Though Dave has never worked in an actual fire department, he has been putting out fires in the production world for the past decade. This former weatherman has produced well over a thousand episodes of syndicated television and finds himself in the enviable position of looking for potential suitors to work with his staff of geniuses.

Kati Hellevaara


After highly secret training abroad, Kati Hellevaara defected to California to work among top agents in the industry and was recruited straight out of the academy to assist in all top-secret covert operations at SecretHQ. Her background includes various assignments in both production and post-production ranging from corporate to feature and short films, which have given her a superhuman tolerance to long hours, dark edit bays, and foul language. Will work for ice cream.

Marc Hall

Assistant Editor

A man of many hats – both literal and figurative, the outlaw Marc Hall spent his early years
wandering the Texas plains recording some of the area’s top musicians and editing music videos
for rock and roll bands small and large. When a large bounty was placed on his head,
he fled to California and was taken in by Secret HQ’s merry band of agents,
where he continues to hide in plain sight.

Stephen Clark

Sound Designer / Editor / Mixer

When Confucius said that “silence is the true friend that never betrays”, he probably wasn’t talking about your film project. Ensuring that your ears will never be betrayed, Stephen Clark is the Sound Designer for SHQ. The original founder of Pacific Soundwaves, Stephen has given up management and returned to the creative environment that only a mix bay can provide.

Yahel Dooley

Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Designer

A Missouri-raised, prior Coast Guard and audio-honed man with an unmatched talent for
delivering top secret intelligence in the form of WAV files (and sometimes AIFF or MP3).
His audio post production experience with television series & commercials, along with feature films, trailers, and video games truly make him a reliable and well-rounded operative. He understands complicated industry dialects such as; “Can we split the difference?” and “Uggh. I have to take this call. Keep going without me.”.

Kimberly Huson

Food Stylist

Kimberly is the ‘silent’ partner at SHQi. An experienced A-list food stylist, with clients like Cocos & Carrows, Kroger, Burger King, Dole Foods, El Torito Grill, Nestle, Perkins, and dozens more. 
Seen here captured on film immediately before debrief – coming in from the cold.
You can see her amazing work at


Private Security

A loving but grumpy old man at heart, on most days, Chazz can be found at SHQ securing various couches and barking at enemy spies.

"This is KAOS. We don't *shush* here!"

Surveillance Photos

Edit 007

HD Color Correction and Finishing

Avid Symphony DX, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro. Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop. MAXX EVO high-speed storage. Leader HD evaluation monitoring, both glass and plasma HD monitors. All-digital audio mixer. Dog bed under desk, comfy couch, WiFi, individual A/C control etc. All edit bays share Terrablock 24d networked storage.

Edit 99

HD Color Correction and Finishing

Avid Symphony DX or Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop. Leader HD evaluation monitoring, both glass and plasma HD monitors. Snoozy couch, coat rack behind door case, WiFi, individual A/C, etc.

Edit 86

HD Offline and Online

Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop, Leader evaluation monitoring. That same Ikea chair you have, client workstation, comfy couch, WiFi, individual A/C control, etc.


HD Offline and Online

Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Studio. Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop. Client workstation, book shelf full of unopened operations manuals, WiFi, individual A/C, etc.

The Cone of Silence

Surround Sound Mixing

ProTools Mixing, plus Avid Media Composer, or Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop. Large screen plasma monitor. Ribbon mic or shotgun mics for VO, audio tools include WAVES surround sound plugins and mastering/restoration packages.Isolated environment, plastic dart gun, WiFi, individual A/C control, etc.

Edit Q

HD Offline and Online

Full Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Studio immediately adjacent to machine room. Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects and Photoshop.
Shared workspace (head phones available).
This picture is old – that TV has been replaced with a much nicer one!

Edit M

Artist / Editor Workstation

Final Cut Studio, or Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Cloud, including After Effects, Photoshop, and Maya. Panasonic LCD pro monitor. Comfortable chair (sometimes).

Weapons Lab

No post-production facility this size, or almost any size has a kitchen like this. For a more clear understanding, see

Conference Room

Yes it might be the back end of the kitchen..but hey, look at the big TV!


Our weapons’ arsenal includes:
HDCamSR, HDCam, D-5, DVCProHD, DVCPro , NTSC and PAL DigiBeta, IMX, Beta SX, and Beta SP, HDV, DA88, DAT, Hi-8, U-Matic, Terranex Standards converters, Facilis Terrablock shared storage, LTO3 and 4, miles of copper and fiber cabling… and more. Plus, there’s motion-sensitive video recording, and an actual SAFE for your high-value masters.


Thank you! I have received your message.




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5767 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016